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The Italian motorcycle manufacturer, created in 1882 by Enrico Piaggio, has been constantly evolving since day one. Starting out as a manufacturer of naval supplies, in 1889 Enrico Piaggio decided to diversify and set up the                Piaggio & C. Company to produce parts for the railways.

Later still, Piaggio added another string to his bow by manufacturing parts for the aviation industry, like many other automobile manufacturers at the time.


Piaggio's first steps in the motorcycle market

Once the war was over there was a great deal of growth and increasing demand in the transport sector. As a result, in 1964 Piaggio decided to split his activities into two main areas: Aviation, with the IAM Rinaldo Piaggio company, and motorcycling, with the Piaggio & C. company. It was from that moment on that Piaggio achieved its first successes on the motorcycle market.

Then in the 1990s, Piaggio produced the two models that would become firm classics, the Sfera and the Hexagone. The latter was the brand's first maxi-scooter. The famous Liberty model also made its appearance in the 90s and would go on to become one of the best-selling and most popular scooters in its class.


A legendary and revolutionary model: The Piaggio MP3

Introduced at the end of 2006, this three-wheeled maxi-scooter came with thirty patents and caused a small revolution in a very competitive market. Its real innovation was its three wheels, allowing for increased safety, stablity and unparalleled agility.

As a result, the model became hugely successful as soon as it was launched. With the shared values of innovation and safety, it makes perfect sense that Piaggio trusted Michelin to provide original equipment for its Piaggio MP3.